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Easily create and distribute business information using smart, digital forms

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PB DIGITAL - המערכת המובילה בישראל לעיצוב, הפקה, הפצה וניהול של מסמכים – דיגיטלים ומודפסים. PB DIGITAL מאפשרת להפוך כל טופס לחוויה, לייעל תהליכים ארגוניים ועסקיים ולמקסם את חווית הלקוח

CONSIST VR - Virtual customer service rooms for a great customer experience

An advanced and comprehensive solution for virtual customer service rooms in the cloud that enables organizations to set up virtual customer service rooms, branded according to the organization's corporate identity, n which the organization's representatives can provide a comprehensive set of online services.

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PB Digital streamlines cross-organizational processes using dynamic digital forms

PB Digital's smart and interactive documents enable the organization to provide its customers with a complete layer of services that promote its business goals and use them as a live, active and two-way communication channel with the customer and organizational users

PB DIGITAL - המערכת המובילה בישראל לעיצוב, הפקה, הפצה וניהול של מסמכים – דיגיטלים ומודפסים. PB DIGITAL מאפשרת להפוך כל טופס לחוויה, לייעל תהליכים ארגוניים ועסקיים ולמקסם את חווית הלקוח

Smart digital forms enable the organization to provide an innovative and advanced customer experience

Smart digital forms allows the organization to send its customers business information about products and services services easily and efficiently. The use of interactive documents is an essential mean to strengthen communication and relationsship with customers

PB Digital interfaces with core enterprise systems such as CRM and ERP

PB Digital interfaces with most popular CRM and ERP systems, including SAP, DYNAMICS, SALESFORCE and others, and allows you to update the data obtained from the organizational forms automatically

PB Digital's unique BOT allows users to easily fill out digital forms using WhatsApp

PB Digital incorporates a unique BOT solution fwhich enables customes to fill out digital form using a regular WhatsApp dialog.


Transform organizational documents and PDF files into accessible digital documents

PB Digital enables you to easily and efficiently create accessible digital documents that comply with the stricktest regulations and requirements of Accessibility laws.

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Smart Digital Forms- Here is how it works

PB Digital - main benefits

PB Digital is installed at more than 300 organizations – in Israel, Europe and the United States, and handles millions of documents every day.

PB Digital provides an open API that allows it to interface with the enterprise core systems – CRM and ERP systems, and update customer information automatically in a way that saves time and resources for the organization.

PB Digital contains advanced features such as co-browsing and advanced logic. The representative of the organization can browse the document together with the customer and guide him when filling in the details. The system also provides a comprehensive digital customer service solution – which allows service representatives to provide video call service, fill out digital forms and documents together in shared screen and more.

PB Digital's digital signature module enables to design and create smart forms with digital signature capabilities, and send them to customers via a variety of digital channels such as: WhatsApp, email, SMS, chat and others. This streamlines the process of signing organizational documents such as purchase orders, tenant changes in construction projects, contracts and more.

Depending on the enterprise security requirements, the system can be installed on the company's internal servers or alternatively in a cloud model.

PB Digital's designer allows organizational users to create digital forms independently, without having to code a single line of script. The system also operates with an advanced  DRAG AND DROP features which enables any organizational user to design forms according to the corporate identity of the organization.

PB Digital is secured with a variety of different technological tools and solutions, including: FW, antivirus, file laundering systems, two-step authentication and others. 

About Consist

Consist in Israel is part of the Consist Software Solution Worldwide Group, founded in 1972. is a leading high-tech and business information technology company headquartered in New York. The group operates offices and development centers in Israel, Germany, South America, Mexico, Spain and the United States and has thousands of customers worldwide. 

Consist in Israel operates since 1990 and employs more than 400 high-tech professionals. The Israeli branch has more than 1100 customers in EMEA, including leading companies in nearly all sectors of the economy: banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, energy companies, healthcare centers and organizations, retail and supermarket chains, dozens of government offices and municipalities, pharmaceutical companies, leading academic centers, and many more.

The software areas covered by Consist include banking systems, Omnichannel communication solutions, Output Management Systems, Customer Coummunication Managment systems, ITSM and ESM Service Desk Management Solutions, Digital Signature System, Smart & Accessible Digital form and document solutions, Chat and Voice BOT solutions, Knowledge Management Systems, Data Security systems, Insider threat protection solutions and more.


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